Google Business Associate Intern 2014 For UnderGraduates & Graduates

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Google is presently seeking innovative and creative mind in Sales & Customer Service, Enterprise, Finance, People operations, Legal, Product Quality Operations, Marketing, gTech, Localization and Africa Internship program

Sales and Customer Service:the role holders will work for Google’s Advertising Sales and Global Customer Service to seek innovative solutions that correspond with need of Google’s clients .

Enterprise: As masters of cloud computing, the Enterprise team helps small and large businesses, educational institutions and government agencies discover the wonders of “the cloud” and work smarter through Google Apps. Our technical and sales teams design and implement solutions for these organisations with custom features, security and support – all with Google’s philosophy of innovation and ease of use in mind.

Finance: The name Google came from “googol,” a mathematical term for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. And nobody at Google loves big numbers like the Finance team when providing in depth analysis on all manner of strategic decisions across Google products. From developing forward-thinking analysis to generating management reports to scaling our automated financial processes, the Finance organization is an important partner and advisor to the business.

People Operations: Google’s People Operations roles are focused on redefining “human resources” and preserving Google’s unique culture in the way we attract, hire, develop and reward talented people.

Legal: Google Legal crafts innovative approaches for tackling some of the toughest legal challenges of the information age. Google Legal lets you tackle unanswered legal quandaries and create new precedents. Our innovative services raise challenging questions that demand creative and practical answers. We provide those answers by working at the crossroads of the law and new technology, helping Google build innovative and important products for users around the world. (Please note that Google does accept applications for Legal internships that start in 2015 in some instances.)

Product Quality Operations: The Product Quality Operations (PQO) team protects Google’s users. We define and communicate product policies, and we defend Google’s integrity by fighting spam, fraud and abuse across Google products. The PQO team ensures product quality for the company’s expanding base of advertisers, publishers and users in more than 40 languages. We partner with Engineering to combat fraud and abuse across major products like Search, AdWords, AdSense, Google+, Wallet, and Maps.

Marketing: Google’s Marketing team applies the same level of creative originality to Google’s marketing campaigns that the company has applied to online search and advertising. We support Google’s growth and revenue generating efforts through effective and results-focused marketing campaigns for both business and consumer products.

gTech: The Google Technical Services (gTech) team serves as the primary point of contact for our global Sales, Business Development and Partnerships teams to support our sales organisation across all products. We provide tools so that our sales teams can focus on generating revenue and leverage our strong relationships with Google’s Tech teams to enable our sales organisation to do multi-solution selling, launch and support new products, and help and engage our users.

Localization: The Google Internship Localization team ensure that Google’s content is translated into more than 60 Languages.

Africa Internship Program: The Africa team focuses on accessibility, relevance, and outreach. They want to make it easier for African users to access information on the internet, deliver more relevant content, and build relationships with Africans who are building the internet. Recent efforts in those areas – like Getting African Businesses Online, Gmail SMS, and Google Trader – empower Africans to make better use of technology in their daily lives.


Returning to education on a full-time basis upon completing the internship.

Work with Google for for six month

Currently an undergraduate ( Bachelors )or in a Masters degree program and maintaining student status throughout the internship.

Priority will be given to students graduating at the end of 2014 or in 2015.

Previous internship experience in Sales, Advertising, Consulting, Analysis, Customer Service, Marketing, Finance or related fields.

How to Apply

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